Respect is having regard for other people and their beliefs. The sports environment is a great place to grow and learn respect. We foster respect at all levels between our players, coaches, managers, committees, parents and umpires and strive to show kindness, empathy and fairness to each other.


Being kind to those who oppose you can be difficult. Our aim is to teach our children sportsmanship and how to be happy for their peers. We want them to enjoy their own successes but also to celebrate the accomplishments of others. We believe in playing by the rules and encourage our coaches to recognise commitment by our players.


Our passionate aim is that our players enjoy their hockey. Sources of enjoyment can be different for each player. They may experience a sense of fun from exercising, perfecting skills, playing in competitions, winning, recognition, relationships with coaches, being on a team with their peers, meeting new friends, positive interactions with team mates etc. We endeavour to provide all of the above and more in a positive, friendly and enjoyable environment.


The origin of Athlone Hockey Club can be traced to the 1950’s when locals played in “the hockey field” on Reid’s land. The Senior Ladies started playing league hockey circa 1960/70’s. In 1990 some of these players along with others went on to be the founding members of the Junior Club. Eventually, both the Senior Ladies and Junior Club merged establishing a strong hockey tradition in Athlone. We are very proud to have many generations of local families that have played, coached, managed and supported the club in many ways over the years. Athlone Hockey Club has evolved into the vibrant club it is today due to the efforts of these people. Our hope is to foster the traditions that our founding members envisaged and continue to forge long lasting friendships along the way.


The essence of any sport is that there is a competitive element to it. We play to win, represent ourselves to the best of our ability and we encourage our players to play to the highest standard possible. On the other hand we accept defeat gracefully, congratulate our opponents and we continue to keep on trying our best. We always encourage healthy competition and we do our utmost to motivate our players to improve and to strive to play their best for themselves and for the team.